Saturday, January 1, 2011

Nasyid Cafe: The Progress and Upcoming Entries.

1- Assalamualaikum my friends. Thank you for spending your precious time visiting this blog. If you like the contents thus far, kindly leave me some feedback and comments. It would mean a lot to me as a blog writer to know that my works are appreciated.

2- If you have suggestions on how to improve my blog or you want to introduce to me any new nasheed groups that I should check out, please do tell me and keep me informed. I am always excited to check any new nasheed groups from any part of the world.

3- I will also open this blog for guest writers just to add some variety and different opinions into this dull and boring blog. It's either that or I am just being too lazy to post any entries. If you are interested to be a guest writer for this blog, feel free to drop me an email. It must be written in English and try to compress your thoughts into 5 or 6 paragraphs. You can write almost about anything you want but be sure it is something related to Nasheed, Islamic Entertainment or Islam in general.

4- What will you get in return? Most probably you will be getting something from me in the email as a token of gratitude and appreciation and no its not going to be in any form of monetary compensation so you can stop dreaming about that now.

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  1. Begging for comments is just sad bro... Its almost like self pity :)