Thursday, December 30, 2010

Nasyid Cafe: Maher Zain - Thank You Allah and The New Album.

1- Wow congratulations to Maher Zain for his astonishing debut, Thank You Allah which was released by Awakening Records somewhere in November last year. To tell you the truth, I am not really a fan of Maher Zain but I have to give the guy a super salute for his wonderful contribution to the Islamic Entertainment world. A fan of his music? Absolutely in the positive!

2- There is nothing new about his music. Modern RnB fused with some Mediterranean influences here and there. Soothing and relaxing. But the vocals, my friends the vocals. His voice was just ear candy putting all his leads in the right places so it wont sound like he is trying too hard. Just nice and overwhelmingly pleasant.

3- Still on his voice, would I be in the wrong if I were to put Maher Zain up there with Mr. Craig David? I don't think so and I doubt if there is any one out there fans or non fans who would disagree.

4- Everybody in Malaysia went gaga for this guy and the Maher Zain fever is still very much alive here. Having said that, Maher Zain was just here and Brunei recently doing some sold out concerts here and there. In Malaysia alone Maher Zain's album was the best selling album so far in 2010. What an achievement. Thank you Inteam Records for introducing him the Malaysian market.

5- My favorite tracks on the album is Insya Allah, Palestine Will Be Free and The Chosen One. The official music video for the song The Chosen One almost made me cry. The video was about random acts of kindness inspired by the life of our Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him, and it was too beautiful. How the world would be a better place to live if we were all adhered to the ways of the last Prophet salam 'alaik.

6- It's funny for me to see a lot of Malaysian girls were more interested in his other song called For The Rest of My Life. A sappy love song that I personally have no interest in. Well, that's your typical Malaysian i guess.

7- On another note, it was informed via  his Facebook page that Mr.Maher has already started the works for his yet to be announced new album. I believe this new album will be released by Awakening Records.

7- What ever it is. The album is a well worthy album in my honest opinion.

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