Sunday, January 2, 2011

Nasyid Cafe: Fathi Otmani.

1- Thank you to for introducing Fathi Otmani. He is a talented young man who was born in Amsterdam, The Netherlands now venturing into the realm of islamic entertainment. Fathi Otmani began writing hiphop songs in his early teens before falling in love with the beauty of nasheed.

2- He was signed by Muslim Youth League UK and I believe he is now currently preparing for the release of his debut album. His first single titled The Most High can be heard in youtube. Well, this fella has got some decent voice but the single failed to register into my system despite the awesome music arrangement.

3- I do not know but I think he needs to venture out of the comfort zone of his voice more often. The Most High is a decent attempt but it was to monotonous and repetitious to this satisfy my two little ears. The hip hop influence was evident and so as the Qawalli influence due to the style of his singing.

4- Maybe he should just put out a pure RnB or HipHop flavored album instead and keep the Qawalli influence to a minimum. Maher Zain did just that and his music appealed to a more larger audience, even to those who are not a fan of Nasheed. Why? Because everybody is doing it, using and recycling the same Qawalli formula over and over again. But hey, that's just me.

5- Visit his website:

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