Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Nasyid cafe: Native Deen - Not Afraid To Stand Alone.

1- If you have been busy keeping yourself abreast with the development of Islamic entertainment from all over the world then I guess you must recognize and know who Native Deen is. Alongside Soldiers of Allah, Native Deen was one of the pioneering Islamic RnB Hip Hop group from the States.

2- Have you heard of their second album, Not Afraid To Stand Alone? It's a beautiful and an outstanding album. The album was a brilliant masterpiece from Native Deen. What made me fall in love with their brand of Nasheed was the maximum use of percussion and harmonies. Their debut album, Deen You Know was also an excellent album. 

3- Maybe due to its harmonious nature and the powerful lyrics, Not Afraid To Stand Alone was a crushing song about not being afraid to stand up for your religious belief and practice. In this era of turbulence and mehnah, it is of the utmost importance that Muslims keep themselves strong mentally and spiritually. We can live up to the strength and courage of Sumayyah or Bilal Bin Rabah when it comes to facing such tribulations and turbulence. 

4- According to their website, www.nativedeen.com, Native Deen will be releasing their third studio album and I cant wait to feast my ears to their latest compositions. Go and check out their songs in Youtube.   

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