Thursday, January 6, 2011

Nasyid Cafe: InHeart - Yang Kucari.

1- Wow. Yang Kucari, a song by a quintet of proficient and not so proficient vocalists with the name of InHeart (the first batch of contestants for Media Prima's Akademi Nasyid program) had been flaming in the IKIM.FM chart since earlier this month. I do not know how long the song will stay in the chart as the competition is rather stiff and heavy.

2- Roaming that infamous nasyid chart these days were mostly songs from the more veteran nasyid groups in the likes of your typical Hijjaz, Inteam, Rabbani and Raihan just to name a few. Only a few of the much younger (and unknown to the mainstream of course) groups have been able to squeeze their songs into the chart. And to see Yang Kucari entering the arena for a fight against all these heavyweights definitely was an exciting feeling for me personally. Hopefully it wont get kicked out too soon.

3- Nah, I am not really a fan of the group actually. I knew each one of them personally and to my humble opinion, I think the group is a decent act. Then what is the ruckus all about? Well, I composed that song, that is why I am excited. Hahaha.


  1. What do u mean by "infamous nasyid chart"? Do you mean "not famous" or "notorious"? Ceh.. patutlah excited, ko yang compose. Best of luck anywayz...