Sunday, December 26, 2010

Nasyid Cafe: Islamic Heavy Metal?

1- Yes. Unbelievable isnt it? There were are a few local metal bands that have ventured into that realm. Islamic Heavy Metal. Maybe all of you out there have heard of Al Farabi band. Well, I am not going to talk about them since they got enough publicity already. I am going to write about the more obscure bands and some you would not believe used to release Islamic heavy metal records. 

2- Incorporating religious messages in extreme music was not really an alien subject. There are a huge amount of "religious" bands out there that have used extreme music to propagate their religious ideology. Rudra, a metal from Singapore used hindu influenced lyrics in there songs. While Hardcore bands in the likes of Shelter and 108 used to write lyrics based on their Hare Krishna teachings.

3- In the world of heavy metal, the term coined for religious heavy metal was White Metal. Well, obviously opposing its close cousin in Scandanavia, the infamous Black Metal. White Metal bands used to incorporate religious messages in their lyrics and one of the most prominent Christian White Metal bands from the 80's glam rock days was Stryper.

4- In Malaysia, the most prominent band was The Chosen. It was one of the very very few bands in Malaysia that was so close to be called a white metal band. The Chosen was led by their macho frontman and former actor, Aman Graseka, released an album somewhere in the late 90's and went on an undefinite hiatus.

5- Then there was the infamous D'Cromok. Everybody knew Cromok but D'Cromok was a separate band. Led by Allahyarham Mohd Khairuddin aka Din Cromok (hence the name D'Cromok), the former rhythm guitarist for Cromok back when the band was still playing small rock concerts in Australia. Din released 2 albums, 7 Years 7 Days part 1 and part 2 under the moniker D'Cromok. The lyrics were subtle but one look you will know what his lyrics were really all about. Din died of Malaria somewhere in 1997 thus ending the reign of D'Cromok after 2 awesome albums.

6- As Sahar was and still is a prominent name in the circle of Malaysian Black Metal scene. But back in the early 2000, the main song writer and frontman RedOne or better known as One Barchiel had a change of vision and released a full blown Islamic influenced heavy metal album called Intifada.

7- Somewhere in the early 2000, a few prominent figures within the Malaysian heavy metal scene formed a short lived Islamic Heavy Metal band called Ikhwan. But the band did not went far as producing materials goes.

8- There you go. There were many more bands out there that didnt make the list but they are there. Lurking.

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