Saturday, November 13, 2010

Nasyid Cafe: Perkembangan Terbaru dan Entri Seterusnya.

1- First and foremost, I would like to thank each and everyone of you for spending precious time visiting Nasyid Cafe from day one, one month ago (our first post was on October 14) either in the comfort of your office, bedroom or classroom. To those who have been visiting Nasyid Cafe from countries in the likes of The United States, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Australia and United Kingdom just to mention a few, I sincerely thank you all for your time. Even though some of my later entries were written in Malay, I assure you that you are not missing anything. Most of these malay entries were my personal ramblings anyway.

2- It was fun seeing the traffic to this blog kept on growing and growing each and every single day, be it from the first time visitors or the unique visitors (returning visitors) from all over the world. I would also like to thank my two frequent commentators, Kamal La Great and HaLiMaH's WoRLd for their wonderful comments, opinions and ideas. Nothing that a blogger appreciates more then getting comments from his readers. You should voice out your opinion too if you like.

3- Hey, if you like any of the entries posted in Nasyid Cafe and would like to reproduce any of our articles in your blog, website, forum or facebook, I welcome you to do so but please leave a working backlink to the original source. It is not that I mind that much though. I encourage you to help me and my team of unpaid Nasyid Cafe Mexican freelancers promote nasyid/nasheed/anasheed to the whole wider world. The wider the better. Don't forget the active backlinks ya.

4- What's in store for you next? I have already scheduled all of my entries to the last day of December 2010. So you will be getting fresh new entries every two days, besides of course my unscheduled random entries, like this entry you're reading right now, here and there. There will be more of those history entries. I will also be throwing out some tips for those who aspire to become a nasyid singer/musheed. So stay tune folks.    


  1. salam...

    early morning.. seeing new entry...
    but today.. wah!!
    well, thanks to u, bro for providing so much new understanding and way to explain that nasyid or islamic entertainment is not only just lyrics or song.. but it is a medium @ way to interprete the beautiful of Islam...


  2. Insya Allah. Terima kasih kerana sokongan anda.

  3. Thanks for promoting my blog... I would say that this is your first act of kind gesture to me in our 10 years acquittance (yes, that long)... keep it comin'.

  4. Ye ye je hang 10 tahun... banyak dol aku belanja kau dekat kedai yang awesome tepi masjid tu.. Marvelous