Thursday, October 14, 2010

Nasyid Cafe: The Introduction.

1- Assalamualaikum and thank you for spending your time visiting this blog. My name is Benign and I will be your host for the rest of the journey. Make yourself comfortable and enjoy the blog. I sincerely hope that you will at least gain some worthy information on your favorite nasyid celebrities while browsing this blog. Please make sure that this will not be your first and last visit. Keep on visiting for there are lots more to come.

2- I have decided to write a blog dedicated to nasyid, or Islamic entertainment as some of you out there would prefer to call it, in English. There were already quite a number of blogs out there with similar mission but most of them, albeit good content wise but most of these blogs were written in Malay language thus limiting their target audience only to the Malay speaking audience.

3- I do believe there are million more out there who were always on the look out for new information and sources in the quest to keep themselves abreast and updated with the current going ons with their favorite munshids.

4- Hopefully Nasyid Cafe will be able to serve that purpose and cater to a much broader nasyid audience from all over the world. Kindly sit back, rest and enjoy the content of Nasyid Cafe. I am not that much of a blogger but Insya Allah, I shall try my very best to keep this blog updated from time to time. Well, if I am not that lazy of course.

5- Oh, and just for the record, Nasyid Cafe will not only be featuring nasyid news from all over the world, it would also be a place for me to place my thoughts and express my opinion on everything, Insya Allah. One more thing, this is not a serious blog, so do not be so serious. Cheers.

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