Sunday, October 17, 2010

Nasyid Cafe: IKIM Nasheed Chart.

1- is the only radio station in Malaysia that airs Nasheed music 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Without any doubt being the sole provider for Islamic entertainment for Malaysian muslims through out the country. These are the top 5 Nasheed songs roaming the top 10 chart on 17.10.2010.

  1. Kejora Sinar Zaman - Rabbani
  2. Tika Masanya - Mirwana featuring Hujan
  3. Jika Terakhir Buatku - Saujana
  4. Nota Cinta - Saujana
  5. Saat Lafaz Sakinah - Far East

2- Kejora Sinar Zaman is a deep sentimental song by Rabbani, a tribute to their former main man Allahyarham Ustaz Asri Ibrahim. It's a very slow and somewhat depressing but yet beautiful song that will make you cry in no time. I believe this song was included in their latest album titled Mahabbah.

3- Ive already touched on Mirwana Tika Masanya in my previous post, lets move on to Jika Terakhir Buatku by Saujana. It's pop influenced song with a nice melody. The same compliment goes to their song Nota Cinta. Well, I think you might have guessed by now that that Far East song in number 5 in the chart was also a sentimental song. Oh wait, they have shifted to a faster tempo in the chorus. How are we going to make of that now? Haha.

4- Well, besides Mirwana Tika Masanya, the rest of the top five were slow sentimental numbers. But melody wise, all these songs are strong with their own strength especially Rabbani's Kejora Sinar Zaman being the ultimate nasheed song thus far for this week.

5- Hey, you also need to go and check out Mirwana's new awesome music video for Tika Masanya. When I say awesome, it was supposed to read as freakingly awesome! Check your weekly nasheed chart at

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