Saturday, October 16, 2010

Nasyid Cafe: Mirwana - Bumi Akhir Usia.

1- Truth be told, Mirwana was my favorite nasyid group and this is due to the groups' history with the local underground RnB scene that I am attached to. When Mirwana released their RnB flavored debut called Hikmah Kembara back in 2004, I was stocked. Mirwana was nominated in the best nasyid album category in the 2004 Anugerah Industri Muzik (Malaysian Music Industry Award, the highest and most definitive music award in Malaysia, very much the same as the American Music Award in the States) with that album.

2- Bumi Akhir Usia is the group's latest studio full length and it was officially released earlier this year after months of teasing their fans with authorized leaks of their new singles on youtube to build up momentum for the proper release of the album.

3- Three new singles, Tika Masanya featuring a local indie rock band called Hujan, Andaiku Pergi and Jauh, were released for the air plays. While Tika Masanya was decent, Andaiku Pergi and Jauh were heavily melodic and somewhat melancholic pop songs. I have no problem with that but why the change of genre? Mellow pop? Mirwana should have stuck with their previous Pop RnB formula rather then to succumb to the weak mellow pop sound that have made them, with all due respect, sounded weak and tame.

4- These guys were proficient vocalists and epic with their RnB flavored harmonies but Bumi Akhir Usia offered minimal harmonies and none of those complicated arrangements that again made them sounded weak and tame and this was the group who covered Boyz II Men's Yesterday to everyone's surprise.

5- I am not interested to talk about the other songs in the album because most of the songs for me were filler quality. Well, that is just me and my ears. Maybe I was expecting to much out of them. Hikmah Kembara, for me, was with out a doubt a hard album for Mirwana to follow and it is evident with Bumi Akhir Usia. It is pretty much still a decent album though.

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