Thursday, October 28, 2010

Nasyid Cafe: Castury - Seharum Kasturi Wangian Syurgawi.

1- Correct me if I am wrong but I think this group has been around for a while doing shows here and there. What is with the name anyway? 4C24GH5EQH3Y How do I pronounce the name? Kasturi as it was intended or Kasturai as it was spelled? Sorry fellas but linguistically it is to be pronounced as Kasturai.

2- Sometimes I often wonder how it is rather silly and absurd that newer nasyid groups nowadays would opt using these weirdly spelled names to sound international with out giving a thought on how it really should have been spelled.

3- What ever it is, Seharus Kasturi Wangian Syurgawi is their debut full length indicating the readiness of the group to go all out mainstream. According to their official blog, the album will be released somewhere in October by Allkind Music Entertainment.

4- The album will consist 7 songs with 5 full songs, 1 instrumental track and 1 minus one track. Their first single would be the second track called Hanya Pasrah Menanti. The album will also be featuring a duet with Ayati Tasrip, a local pop singer from the 90's in a track called Santun Berpesan.

5- Visit Kasturai through their blog : www.

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