Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Nasyid Cafe: Making The Band part 3.

Part 3.

1- Let us continue with the third part of the entry. So after I accepted the invitation to be a member of Marjaan, I quickly bonded with all of them and started to perform at all of their shows. During that time, the members of Marjaan were Wan Hazar (now with Wildan), Fadhli Mustafa, Hahmarol Azil and me. Hahmarol decided to leave the group due to commitment issues and he was replaced by Khalil Yusof from another Nasheed group called Irfan. Khalil Yusof almost made it into Far East, he even performed with the group but to our luck that gig never materialized.

2- Marjaan was no new comer. The group was formed somewhere in the year 2000 with Wan Hazar and Fadhli Mustafa as its two core members. Mohd Suhaimi used to be a member of Marjaan before he was snatched by Hijjaz and became the original foursome of Inteam.

3- The time when I joined Marjaan was the time where Nasheed was actively alive within the UIAM (Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Malaysia/International Islamic University Malaysia) nasheed circuit. Besides Marjaan, One Faith and Al'an, the other groups dominating the scene back then were Widad (an all female nasheed group), Sabahi (all Sabahan, one of the original member, Masriezal Masri is currently with the group Varian under Mirwana), AllOne, Nur Reach, Al Masaar (Muadz Dzulkefly is the lead singer for this acappella based group), Haikal (with 2 albums under their belt), Farhan (Ariffin Rahim was a member of this group before joining Hijjaz), Iltizam (a singing percussionist group with Hafidz Oodo being on of the core members) and a many more. It was a good time for nasheed.

4- Marjaan was already singing original songs before I cam on board but one of our more known song was a song I composed called Permata Buat Bonda, an acoustic ballad song dedicated to mothers. The song was later picked up by Wildan and was included in their second album, Setia and was renamed Permataku.