Monday, December 20, 2010

Nasyid Cafe: Halal Meat Nasheed.

Halal Meat

1- The name of the is kind of odd right? What kind of nasheed group would choose Halal Meat as a moniker but who cares. Well, as odd as the name, their music is not your typical nasheed music. Halal Meat is a percussive experimental nasheed band from Toronto, Canada.

2- Halal Meat was formed in 2005 when all of the 5 members of the group were still studying in University of Toronto. Halal Meat consist of Mohammad Zubairi, Mohamad Alshurafa, Kareem Mirza, Tristan Ragunan and Mustafa Ghouse. Their debut album, Heart Like a Drum, was released in 2009.

3- Their music is a blend of traditional nasheed with all the percussive elements with a lot of old school hip hop vibe and a bit of modern RnB going on here and there especially in the vocals. They described their music, according to their Facebook description, as post modern nasheed. Sometimes I do believe that we do need some fresh and creative ways to express our love for Allah and promote the beauty of Islam and Halal Meat represented that well.
4- Although their music is not really my cup of tea, but it is still refreshing to listen to something different for once in a while, dont you think? Visit their Facebook HERE and their website at

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