Monday, November 22, 2010

Nasyid Cafe: Making The Band Part 1.


1- Would you like to form your own Nasheed group? Do you like Nasheed so much and aspire to become a glorious nasheed singer? Can you sing? If you think you could or somebody who can sing told you that you could or you could imitate Nazrey Johani's lead vocals in any Raihan song flawlessly, why not form an awesome nasheed group?

2- I am going to share with you my little experience forming a Nasheed group back in my University days. That was like, almost 10 years ago. Am I that old? Yes I am. Hopefully it will inspire you to start your own Nasheed group, get a record deal with Inteam Records and be famous like Maher Zain. Hehe.

2- When I formed my first Nasheed group, I was still a young and innocent momma's boy studying and reading law in the Matriculation Center of International Islamic University Malaysia in Petaling Jaya. That was back in 2001. The awesome group was called Hizbi, literally translated to My Soldier as in Allah's soldier. The initial members of the group consisted of me, my two room mates and a classmate friend. We added another lead singer a few months later because nobody in the group were Munif Ahmad material.

3- How did it start? Very simple really. We all knew each other because each and every one of us at some point were classmates. We know that each and every one of us loved Nasheed. Furthermore, except little old me, every one of the guys used to be in their school's Nasheed group. We went to Nasheed concerts together and started singing and jamming together just for fun.

4- After all the late night jam sessions, we later learned that 3 of us can do harmonies and one of us can do the bass, so we started to arrange the harmonies for the songs that we have been singing, so that we could sing them in harmony just for fun. Then, it was like:
"hey, we definitely got something here, lets give ourselves a name". And the rest would be like "That's like supercool, dude".
"What about Hizbi?".
"That's rad. Super awesome."

5- That was when the history of my short lived nasheed group started. It all started with the love for nasheed and harmony vocals. Do you like Nasheed and harmony vocals? Maybe you SHOULD give the idea of forming a nasheed group a thought. If you do not know how to do harmonies, you do not have to worry. Harmonies are fun to learn. Once you got the hang of it, you will be able to figure out more things beyond imagination. As for the group, Hizbi was on the go.



  1. hehehe.. part 2 sikit lambat mal.. Ive scheduled part 2 dalam awal bulan disember kot. haha