Thursday, November 4, 2010

Nasyid Cafe: Classic Malaysian Nasyid Download.

1- I took the liberty of compiling some of my favorite classic Malaysian Nasheed tracks from the 90's, compile them into a single compilation which I deliberately called Nasyid Cafe Classics and put it up here for you download for FREE. This compilation of classics features 8 Malaysian Nasheed groups from the early 90's. If you are a local nasyid enthusiast, some tracks might sound familiar.

2- The groups featured here are, in random order, Al Anwar, Suara SMAKL, Bangsar Boyz, Mirwana, An Naurah, Suara Firdaus, All 4 Ummah and Anugerah. If you have been following my previous entries on the history of contemporary nasyid in Malaysia, all of these groups were mentioned in the articles as part of Malaysia's history of contemporary Islamic entertainment. 

3- Most of the groups featured in this free nasyid compilation are either dissolved or like some of them, were re-branded with a new name. For example Anugerah is now known as Nowseeheart, some members of Nahwan Nur went on to form Saff One. Some of the members of Mirwana who recorded the song featured in this compilation are now in Brotherz and the current mainstream Mirwana.

4- I hope you guys liked the selections of songs compiled in this compilation and do spread this around. Now, go and get your free nasyid download now.


Track list:

1- Suara SMAKL - Berlabuhlah Malam.
2- Suara Firdaus - Kawan.
3- Al Anwar - Rindu Akhirat.
4- Mirwana - Alam Persekolahan.
5- Nahwan Nur - Cinta Mu Cinta Abadi.
6- Anugerah - Merancang Kerja.
7- Bangsar Boyz - Akrab Persahabatan.
8- An Naurah - Doa Perpisahan.

Coming up: Nasyid in Thailand? The interview with Bro Zaidi Rustam of Wildan and the third part the History of Contemporary Nasyid in Malaysia. Stay tune.


  1. hahaha.. welcome aboard mr.kamal hassan..

  2. kepada yang tertanya tanya:


    lagu Kawan oleh Suara Firdaus telah dinyanyikan kembali oleh UNIC dalam album pertama mereka. Manakala Nowseeheart pula telah menyanyikan kembali lagu Merancang Kerja juga dalam album pertama mereka. Lagu Akrab Persahabatan pula dinyanyikan kembali oleh Inteam untuk album pertama mereka. Sementara lagu An Naurah, Doa Perpisahan telah dinyanyikan kembali oleh Brotherz.

  3. Bro, to signify our long standing acquaintance; I would implore on you to burn the above songs into a CD for me as I'm having difficulties in downloading them. I'll pick them up from you once its ready and hand you RM3 being the cost of the CD.