Monday, October 25, 2010

Nasyid Cafe: Nasyid Underground Competition.

1- I was just informed by a good friend of mine that there will be this nasyid competition organized by a local nasyid community of underground nasyid enthusiasts calling themselves Nasyid Underground. I do not really get the format though. Do you need to submit only videos of you performing or do you need to perform real time as in a real competition would require? I guess it is the former.

2- I guess the idea of submitting videos was a kind of clever and brilliant. Why? Because that would mean the competition would now be opened and made available to a wider participants and contestants from all over the country and location would no longer be a problem. Now we can surely see the real best of the best competing spirit out of these young and aspiring Nasyid groups, not just from the Klang Valley but from as far as Sabah or Sarawak. 

3- Groups are invited to send in their videos before the 30/10/2010 and a committee of selectors will later choose 6 out of all the submitted videos, put them on Youtube and let the fans judge based on how many "likes" each of the videos got from the fans. So basically, it is the fans who will be the judge. Just brilliant.

4- With a grand prize of RM2,000-00 plus a fully sponsored studio time to record a brand new single and an opportunity to perform live with Maher Zain. Wow, you aint gonna get anything better than that for an aspiring new artiste. The entry fee is only RM7.50 and that my friend is dirt cheap. If you are an aspiring new singer hoping to make it big, then you should give this one a shot.   

5- Well, if you wanna know more, you can click here or call the organizer Mr.Bonai at +6012 313 4681 (twitter: @bonai99).  


  1. salam....

    ermm... new way in advertising nasyid.... good job... well, as we know, we are not in previous nasyid era, where we have to go from one place to other place to get people know on us.... with the new technology we can be as fast as light... but technology still cannot feat with ALLAH's ALMIGHTY... as vicegerent, we should thank to ALLAH for giving us idea to use this technology... right??? wink2...

  2. Yes Halimah, that is true. the Da'wah field is wide and broad. The most important thing is to use it wisely (bilhikmah).