Sunday, October 24, 2010

Nasyid Cafe: CahayaFM.

1- What do we have here? CahayaFM is a recently launched Islamic web radio station operating from the land below the wind, Sabah, with the tag line Siaran Online Islam Pertama di Sabah (Sabah's First Online Islamic Broadcast). I have yet to listen to the web radio but I believe CahayaFM will be a new alternative for the fans of nasheed and Islamic entertainment to get their extra dosage of Nasheed.

2- CahayaFM should be the answer to the never ending thirst and hunger for positive and Islamic entertainment in West Malaysia. The station was launched by Yang Berhormat Datuk Masidi Manjun on 25.9.2010 and as of current consist of a number of DJs from all over Sabah and also some representatives from the East shore and Singapore.

3- I believe nasyeed groups out there should seize this opportunity and send their music CDs to CahayaFM. I know the market in West Malaysia is huge thus this should be the best time for you to break out and reach a wider audience.

4- I would also like to make a suggestion. Make available an english section. This is to target a wider and international audience. Since it is a web radio, I dont think tuning to the air wave would be a problem at all, if you get my drift.

5- Visit CahayaFM and tune in to their program. Click to tune in.

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