Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Nasyid Cafe: Amer Munawer Yusoff.

1- Amer Munawer Yusoff is his name and he carved his name in the mainstream popular scene as one fifth of a local RnB quintet called Ruffedge. After the release of the group's second album called Ruffera in the year 2005, Amer went on soul searching and eventually quit his highly acclaimed group.

2- Five years later, in 2010 Amer Munawer came back on his own venturing into the realm of Islamic entertainment with his RnB Soul heavy debut single titled Seluruh Mahabbah to the surprise of his former fans and nasyid fans alike. It was a 360 degree turn and everyone welcomed him with calm and welcoming embrace. Alhamdulillah and Ahlan.

3- It took me quite a few spin before the song, Seluruh Mahabbah can register into my system. No doubt I loved the whole song and it was indeed a beautiful song cherishing the birth and life of the prophet Muhammad PBUH blessing the whole world with his light with the will of Allah.

4- As i have mentioned earlier, the song was heavily enthused with RnB and Soul thus in order to appreciate the beauty of the song one needs to appreciate how emotion is expressed through RnB and Soul music since it's an entirely different atmosphere compared to, say, Raihans' or Hijjazs' songs so to speak.

5- It'll grow up into you with a few spin. What ever it is, thank you Amer Munawer Yusoff for the beautiful contribution to the Islamic Entertainment. You can purchase the single for RM10.00 a piece. Contact the guy through his blog at


  1. salam...
    may ALLAH bless this singer... may ALLAH always give him light and bless to spread the dakwah.... maybe in future he can attract youngsters and even go overbroad.. like he did with ruffedge... aminn..... simply like maher zain... =)

  2. Yes Halimah. Let us all pray and hope that Brother Amir will be strong in his da'awah. I see that you like Maher Zain. hehe

  3. Jazakallah! I believe you can also listen to his Nasheeds @ Nasheed Bay