Monday, January 10, 2011

Nasyid Cafe: Making The Band Part 4.

1- Marjaan was very active during our days. We performed everywhere around Klang Valley and it was fun being with those guys. I think I was in the group until Marjaan unofficially went on hiatus somewhere in 2005. Our last performance was for 2005 IIUM Convocation show with Mirwana and another group which I cant really recall their name, was it Farhan? You can still find some of our recorded rehearsals in Youtube.

2- Earlier in 2004 I started mingling with the none nasyid people namely the people from the local RnB Scene. My friends and I formed an RnB group called Solemn but the group never went far so we decided to break the group up and formed a new group called Infinatez. You might know them from the popular reality TV show, Gangstarz.

3- It was that tenure with Infinatez that I learned to develop my vocals and harmony skills. Along with our awesome friends from the RnB scene spearheaded by the likes of Phyne Ballerz, Ruffedge and VE, we performed everywhere around Klang Valley and yes we did perform at clubs, if you are curious. Besides Infinatez, the other groups from our little league were in the likes of Hearts of Men, Soul Dinero, Frequent Flayya, Quizzicalz, Siarra, Soul Existence/Four Voices (Alvin MY, now a proficient singer song writer from Ranau, Sabah was in this group) First Edition (Aril AF was the lead vocals for this group), Crescendo (Andi A. Merican was in this group) and Flowwiduz (Nabil Mentor was in this group).

4- Fun times were those days. We developed together and learned from each other. I learned the other types of harmonies from these guys and thanks to those wonderful days, I am now capable of doing various kinds of harmonies. Infinatez at that time consist of Rafik Taib, Amir Erwan, Syaiful Redzuan, Syah Aziz and myself.

5- Without any guidance and help from anyone we managed to record a demo in 2005 which was called The Beginning. It was our first attempt at producing our own originals in the comfort of our own bedroom. It was during this time that I learned how to arrange music using a simple software called FLStudio and record the vocals using another simple software called Cool Edit Pro (now called Adobe Audition).

6- After almost 3 years with the group, I finally decided that it was time for me to call it a day. I quit Infinatez so that I could focus on my day job as a solicitor. You can still read some of my many experience in

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