Friday, December 10, 2010

Nasyid Cafe: Aa-shiq-al-Rasul.

1- I am currently listening to a song called The Messenger by a five piece nasheed group from Birmingham, England called Aa'shiq Al Rasul. I like the song very much for its simplicity and minimalism. You will be getting the similar vibe with Raihan's first album. All percussive and harmonies. Well, ok except the harmonies. Harmony wise, there was nothing for me to enjoy here. I guess they tend to minimize the harmonies as well. Too bad.

2- But wait. What is this? An Acappella song with a beat box? Their got this one song called Every Beat which was quite nice and it came with a very nice lyric too. Nice indeed although they need to produce something more than that to impress little old me. They even got one Acappella album. I need to get my hands on that one. One song is not enough for a thorough review I guess.

3- The group was formed way back in 1998 and got like nine albums released under their name. I guess none of the albums are available in Malaysia. You can visit their website at

4- But then again wait. What is this? Some of the contents were written in Bahasa Malaysia. Impressive. From my reading of their website, it was pretty interesting to learn that it was them who helped Raihan produce the laters epic Urdu flavored song Allahu for Raihan's album with the same name back in the year 2004. I thought it was a single person.

5- Browse Youtube for their songs. Maybe you will like them if you like Urdu/Qawwali flavored nasheed.

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